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Founded in 1974 by Mr. Hanania Bendavid, Gilraphal Ltd is the leading company in Israel specializes in importing and marketing rich variety of building and artistic glass with a special department for design and manufacturing of exclusive glass products.

Import Section:
The section specializes in import of clear and tinted glass, mirror glass, fire-resistant glass and special added-value glass products, such as Masterglass, Low e glass, Extra-Clear Float glass, Privalite, Reflective glass, Hollow glass blocks and special Stained-glass and accessories for artistic classic and Fused glass production.

Artistic and Design Section:
The section specializes in design and manufacturing of stained-glass windows by fusing glass technic as well as sand blasting (or acid etching) on glass and mirrors. Production of glass tiles and glass basins, glass food plates and trays, Judaic glass items.

Gilraphal Ltd is the ultimate answer for all functional and esthetics solutions in glass.


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